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The truth about Disc Jockeys or any kind of entertainment is that they are not a "product" (i.e., hamburger, jukebox, oven, etc).  These people provide a service.  Which means you may not always get what you want.  Not all DJs are "less than desirable", but you run a greater risk of choosing a "bad apple" when you solely base your decision on price, impulse, or lack of knowledge.

Remember the phrase, "You get what you pay for"?  Well, that is sometimes true.  The wrong choice may lead to any or all of the following outcomes in YOUR event.

Poor Sound Quality or Horrible Microphone Feedback

A DJ Who Can't Make A Decision

A DJ Who Can't Read The Crowd

Lousy Light Show, Too Much Fog, or an Obnoxious Strobe Light

A DJ Who Can't Relate to Youth, Teens, or Children

 A DJ Who Can't Relate to "Older" Adults

A DJ Who Can't Relate to an Ethnic Crowd
Ever see a Redneck DJ perform for a Black & Hispanic Crowd? Not a pretty sight.

Inadequate Music Library

An Inexperienced and/or Amateur DJ

A DJ Who Won’t Play Requests or Can't (because of their lack of music)

A DJ Who Only Plays Music That He/She Likes

An Inappropriately Dressed DJ

A DJ Showing Up Late or Not Showing Up At All

Your Guests Wanting to Leave Early

Offended or Dissatisfied Your Guests

A DJ Who You’ve Never Met in Advance

A DJ Who Is Just Plain Dull or "Dead"

Inappropriate And Obscene Music

A Sound System That Is An "Eye Sore"

A DJ Who Thinks Your Wedding Reception Is Just Another Job

All of us are "created" equal, but all of us are "different".  The same rings true for all Disc Jockeys and Entertainers.  Does the President of the United States choose an Entertainer for his social events on the basis of price, looks, or economic status?  No.  He chooses a superior Entertainer on the basis of reputation, performance, and quality.  You should do the same. 

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