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All images (photos) in these galleries and throughout my website are authentic and exclusive.  They were only taken at events I (Mike) performed at.  Some images have a higher resolution than others, so they may take longer to download.  Most images are thumbnails (minimized pics), so simply click on them to enlarge them.  Clients and their guests are more than welcome to copy these images for their own personal enjoyment.  The images are copyrighted to their respective clients and guests.  Any image may be deleted at any time upon the request of a client, a family member, or a guest.  A number of images were taken by professional photographers.  Their names and respective companies will be listed when appropriate.  Their contact information is available in the links section of this website.  ANY questions or concerns pertaining to images posted in this section or ANY other section of this entire website, please contact me immediately.  Enjoy.


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