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Planning a special event that requires a particular theme?
Great.  If you are stumped on theme ideas, check out
some of these ideas!  Have Fun!  

Have a great theme Idea?  Email it to me and I'll add it here.  Note, some ideas do not include suggestions, just a title/name.


4th of July = Stars, stripes, red, white, blue, flags, fireworks, sparklers, etc.

70's (or Hippy, Peace & Love, Austin Powers Theme) = Peace symbol, psychedelic colors, tie-dye, bell bottoms, drugs (careful), pot, Dr. Evil, Shagging, music from this era, black light, bubble machine, tree-huggers, granolas, sandals, etc.

Amusement Park = Roller coasters, cotton candy, games, rides, maps, etc.

Animal House = National Lampoon's classic movie, fraternities, sororities, drinking, beer, cafeteria food fight, road trip, classic old songs from the soundtrack (1960's), dean, college life, etc.

Carribean (or Don't Worry, Be Happy) = Similar to a Lau party, but with steel drums, smiley faces, reggae, limbo, Jamaica, bright colors, etc.

Construction = Hard hats, tool belts, Home Improvement, jack hammer, tools, wood, bricks, orange, yellow, road signs, etc.

Dinosaur (or Land Before Time) = Favorite prehistoric creature, cavemen/women, caves, huge bugs, T-Rex, Jurrasic Park theme, dino eggs, Flintstones, Captain Caveman, loincloth, tar pits, bones, fossils, skeletons, etc.

ER (or Operation or General Hospital) = Doctors, nurses, medics, ambulances, stretchers, x-rays, stethoscopes, needles, blood, waiting room, etc.

Goldfinger = Pretty explanatory. Everything is gold. Or have a spin-off from Bond's classic film of the same title.

Harley (or Motor Cross) = Pretty explanatory. Motorcyles, leather, sunglasses, bar scenes, fast women, helmets, Route 66, cross country, etc.

Hollywood = Dress up as your favorite actor or actress. Movie reels, black & white movies, Look-a-Like contest, stand-ups, classic movie posters, etc.

Hot Rods (or Car Show) = More elaborate than a racing theme with a greater variety of cars and classic wheels. 4x4's, Chevys, Muscle Cars, futuristic cars, Thunderbirds, Convertibles, Cadillacs, etc.

James Bond = Secret service, double agents, briefcases, sunglasses, gadgets, Inspector Gadget, fast cars, formal wear, Mission Impossible, bombs, etc.

Jungle Fever = Amazon, green, huge trees, wild animals, parrots, flowers, rivers/streams, hot, sunny, humid, mist/fog, wild animal sound affects, dress up as your favorite wild animal, endangered species, etc.

Kung Fu (or Karate Kid) = Pretty explanatory. Ninjas, martial arts, num-chuks, Asian artwork and décor, Bonsei, temple, buddha, Mortal Kombat, weapons, Bruce Lee, sparring, etc.

Luau = Pretty explanatory. Sand, leis, grass skirts, limbo, tiki torches, coconuts, flowers, exotic birds, palm trees, etc.

Magic (or World of Magic, Harry Potter) = Black hats, rabbits, card tricks, black, velvet, smoke, capes, gloves, Merlin, potions, mustaches, mirrors, etc.

Nascar = Pretty explanatory. Race cars, driver memorabilia, tires, pit stop competition, race contest on tricycles, checkered flag, bright colors, race tracks, go carts, toy go-cart competition/race, etc.

Olympics = Serious or Goofy. The classic theme with country representation, flags, the original Olympic ring logo, gold, silver, bronze, medals, torch, sport spotlights (gymnastics, pole vault, boxing, whatever), etc. Or how about a spoof on the Olympics with sports that are original and unheard of, like, water balloon toss, egg relay, hula hoop competition, limbo, etc.

Oscars = Gold, awards, best "so and so", dramatic theme songs, entrance music, trumpets, slide show, etc.

Rodeo = Cowboys, clowns, horses, saddles, spurs, barns, wooden fences, leather, etc.

Sea World (or Under the Sea) = Pretty explanatory. Dress up as your favorite aquatic animal or creature. Water, blue, oceans, underwater scenes, dolphins, whales, sharks, mermaids, coral reef, sunken ship, waves, seashells, sea horses, tide, sand, etc.

Sesame Street (or Muppet Movie) = Pretty explanatory. Big Bird, Mr. Hooper, kids skipping, jump rope, ABC's, The Count, 123's, Kermit, Ms. Piggy, Animal, Bert & Ernie, Gonzo, puppets, Snuffie, street, sidewalks, hop scotch, etc.

Sports Night = Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, etc. Focus on one particular sport or combine all sports. Don't forget the possibilities of pom-poms, cheerleaders, uniforms, announcers, fun competitions, wacky spoofs or variations of the sports, or make up your own sports!

State Fair = Cotton candy, best cow, best pig, biggest vegetable, picket fences, barns, country dancing, etc.

Surfin Safari = Surf boards, Beach Boys, sand, volleyball, waves, swimming, bikini contest, best legs contest, sunglasses, sun tan lotion, grass huts, umbrellas, beach towels, sand castle competition, etc.

Wild Wild West = Cowboys, Indians, horses, Will Smith's Popular Movie, etc.

Zoo (or Animal House) = Pretty explanatory. Dress up as your favorite animal, bars, cages, zoo keepers, don't feed the animals and other signs, etc.



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