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Mooresville Middle School, East Lincoln High School, A.L Brown High School, Cannon School, Mooresville Intermediate School, Cotswald, and Reedy Creek to just name a few.  Some folks are surprised that I don't market myself toward schools.  I have yet to find a dissatisfied school.  I am personally a "little" energetic, so I tend to get along with youth quite well.  I have all the Top 40 Music they like and listen to.  All of my music is strictly clean, radio edited.  That doesn't mean you, the client, can't censor it though.  For example, most Middle School Clients will usually censor the music format; whereas, most High School Clients have no restrictions.  

With a great combination of Top Hits, awesome giveaways and props, and fun, interactive line dances and skits, your students will have the time of their life!  I have very affordable rates on weekdays, which is when some school events take place.  Not only do you get great entertainment and great music, you get an Event Coordinator.  That's right, if you and your committee need assistance planning your event, I am there for you.  I'll even assist you with promoting your event, so you get a great turn out.  Remember, youth know what they like, so make sure you choose entertainment that will satisfy and reward them for being good students!


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