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"Mike - we were thrilled with everything you did.  We received so many enthusiastic compliments from our guests.  The reception was everything that we'd hoped it would be.  Thank you for everything!"  - Robbin Smith (Daughter's Bat Mitzvah held at the Marriott Executive Park)



Mazel Tov! Its your Bar/Bat Mitzvah and I (DJ Lamb) am your humble servant from start to finish! During the course of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah party, I provide tons of fun-filled games, activities, and even contests! I keep the teens involved with plenty of singing, dancing, and of course the latest, most popular music (which can be censored, if you choose). I will keep the youth entertained for the entire party so you can relax and enjoy yourself.  I DO NOT TAKE BREAKS, so that you can. These are just some of the elements I can bring to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah affair to create a most memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration you, and everyone else, will never forget.   



I can coordinate all aspects of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. I can include such Bar/Bat Mitzvah traditions as the Grand Entrance, Candle Lighting ceremony, the Motzi over the Challah (blessing over the bread), the Hora, and many others.  I am notorious for getting everyone dancing from ages eight to eighty.  I play a wide variety of music to satisfy all your musical needs. I can provide a variety of fun party goods to enhance the atmosphere and dancing!  My goal is to make sure no one goes home unhappy.

Call me today to sit down and discuss your Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  With the use of extensive planners and constant availability at your finger tips, I am here to assist you as much as you need or want me to.  With me, you are not just hiring a DJ, you are hiring an Entertainer.   

Michelle Schwartz - Mitzvah Tutoring

 General Mitzvah Information - based out of N.Y.

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