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Here is a special invitation to activity directors. Are your residentís tired of old games like bingo and the same old television programs or video movies? Are you tired of paying for amateur musicians and singers that have little or no talent? Are you looking for a new and exciting type of entertainment for your residents?

Why not treat them to a program of their favorite music, along with an outgoing personable MC? I play music by the original artists digitally remastered on Compact Discs. I can also play lively games and have fun contests. Would your residentís like me to lead a lively version of the chicken dance or play a spirited game of "Name that Tune"? If youíre at a loss for a theme, give me a call. 

I can bring a small self-contained professional sound system and play a varied selection of big band, show tunes, and oldies. I am not loud or obnoxious and the best part is, you can control the volume! I'm also available for staff functions as well. Give me a call and let me customize an entertainment program for you.


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